ADEPT Mentorship Program

Advancing Diversity for Engineering Pipeline Talent

Engineering is a profession focused on solving multi-faceted problems. Today’s profession does not reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of our population. According to the National Science Foundation, “Less than 10 percent of engineering and science professionals are Black or Latino.”

A new approach is needed to bridge the gaps in representation in the profession, starting with closing the gaps that develop during the collegiate journey.

What is ADEPT?

ADEPT is a mentorship program designed to pair Illinois Tech students with professional mentors pursuing a career in structural engineering. Students in the ADEPT program will receive mentorship, guidance, access to internship opportunities, and exposure to the professional community, preparing them to successfully enter the engineering workforce.

Who is Eligible?

ADEPT is open to Chicago students in underserved BIPOC communities who are interested in pursuing a career in structural engineering. This may include students studying civil engineering, architectural engineering, engineering management, or electrical engineering.

How do I Apply?

  1. Express interest in participating in ADEPT’s mentorship program by filling out this form by March 29.
  2. Attend the virtual presentation to learn more about ADEPT in early April.
  3. Submit ADEPT application by April 19.

Applications will be made available to students who express their interest in the program upon filling out the ADEPT interest form.
Submit Adept Interest Form

My 40-year career taught me to look beyond the obvious to solve the real problem. By identifying a gap in the current approach, our group believes the ADEPT solution will create a solid pipeline filled with currently underrepresented students, who will decide to take the journey from enrolling to succeeding in an engineering career, because they are being supported by people in the industry during their college years.


The key for me is this program creates a legacy in the communities and for the people who may be marginalized or disenfranchised.


ADEPT will be a grassroots game-changing program to increase Black and Brown student enrollment and graduation from local engineering programs. We are excited to support a program focused on increasing diversity in the engineering community.

Christine and Tracy

I am most excited about ADEPT’s focus on students’ success in college. We recognize that obtaining the academic and financial means to enter college, while a great achievement for many Black and Brown students, is but one step along a longer path to a career in engineering. ADEPT’s goal is to help students with the next steps: succeeding in college, earning a degree, and entering into our profession.