Many faculty members in the Department of Social Sciences are actively conducting research, publishing papers in prominent journals within their fields, and presenting their work internationally. Some are at work on new books, while others continue to pursue grant funding to support current and future research initiatives.

For more information about faculty research interests, awards, and publications, visit the bio pages of individual faculty members.

Recent Faculty Successes

Associate Professor of Social Science Yuri Mansury gave an invited talk at the Australian National University’s Arndt-Corden Department of Economics. Read the abstract of the talk, titled "How much agricultural land does it take to make space for one kilometre of high-speed rail track? Evidence from China."

Associate Professor of Political Science Matthew Shapiro presented the paper “China’s Pollution Haven Status: A Spatial and Industry-Based Analysis of Foreign Investment” at the fourth Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network Conference, held at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

Ullica Segerstrale

Exploring Fraud in Scientific Research

An expert on scientific conduct and misconduct, Professor of Sociology Ullica Segerstrale published a new book review, "A Sociological Verdict on Science Fraud," in the May 2019 issue Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews.

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Yuri Mansury
Associate Professor of Social Science Associate Chair of Social Sciences
Hao Huang
Associate Professor of Social Sciences
Daniel Bliss
Associate Professor of Political Science Undergraduate Program Director
Ullica Segerstrale
Professor of Sociology
Matthew Shapiro
Professor of Political Science Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Jonathan Rosenberg
Professor of Political Science
Patrick Ireland
Professor of Political Science

“I’ve been looking at how green technology innovations occur at a case-study level, such as with battery-related technology and the politics surrounding it. At a more macro level, I've been measuring how different countries' research outputs have been generated, how they differ across countries, and what sort of institutions help generate those kinds of important technologies.”

—Matthew A. Shapiro, Associate Professor of Political Science

matthew shapiro

“I have worked on the politics and policies of environmentally sustainable development for the last twenty years of my career. My research has focused mainly on the challenges faced by the small islands developing states (SIDS) of the Caribbean region, which are extremely vulnerable to the effects of global environmental change. As island and coastal countries, they can bear the brunt of such problems as sea-level rise, coastal zone erosion, increased frequency and intensity of storms, coral bleaching, deforestation, and other kinds of habitat loss.”

Jonathan Rosenberg

Jonathan Rosenberg