Collaborative Efforts

Aleksei Sorokin says one of the biggest draws of Illinois Tech is the accessibility of professors. Although courses are demanding and challenging, the availability of faculty and tutors makes the challenges a little easier.

"Another thing I've really enjoyed about Illinois Tech is the opportunity to collaborate with others and have your work recognized," Aleksei says. "At Illinois Tech if you are willing to work hard and get to know other students and teachers, there are many exciting opportunities to work on real-world research and projects. Illinois Tech provides and abundance of opportunities for anything you may be interested in."

Aleksei took a summer course in Reliable Mathematical Software, which exposed him to data science. It become a major educational focus for him. This course also gave him the opportunity to participate in his first poster session, and he is currently collaborating on a paper about the research he is conducting. 

"Overall, this course gave me lots of opportunities that have really excited and motivated me about pursuing the data science program," Aleksei says.

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