Excelling in the Airline Industry

Trenton Adams has watched his career take flight since graduation: he’s now a senior analyst of compensation for United Airlines. Adams manages United’s nonunion job analysis and leveling practices, consults on salaries and restructures for the airline’s smaller corporate divisions, and more. He says his degree made all the difference preparing him for his job.

“Illinois Tech prepares students for thinking in a scientific mindset that is applied excellently to practical settings,” Adams says. “Illinois Tech students excel at defending concrete data and understanding a wide range of results. I feel a better grasp of theoretical and statistical elements in comparison to peers.”

As a student, Adams conducted research with Professors of Psychology Scott Morris. He credits that experience with teaching him to think outside the box and always strive for a polished final product.

“On top of the necessary skills needed to conduct any analysis, the collection of background knowledge and ability to discuss/defend decisions have probably been the most salient to my work after leaving grad school,” Adams says. “I try to collect as much data and information on a topic as possible before heading to a meeting with my suggestion.”