Fernando Olmedo Regidor: Product Analysis in Turtle Wax

Fernando Olmedo 1280x850

Fernando Olmedo Regidor (MITO ’19) began this project with the objective being to study a manufacturer of car products that enhance automotive appearance by analyzing the correlation that may exist between product sales and four variables: temperature, precipitation, extreme weather conditions, and the sale of vehicles. To that end, different databases were created to collect data at the state, division, and regional level for each of the variables identified during 2016–2018. 

The study aimed to be a practical tool to facilitate decision-making and to help build an integral perspective of the market and the patterns that impact it. The project creates a foundation to continue researching possible existing trends with new variables, in addition to the performance of the analysis from a high-level perspective to a granular-state approach. Finally, the project aimed to contribute to the consolidation of a leadership position in the company's sector and exploration of possible measures to further improve the company's performance.

INTM Adjunct Professor Shawn Batka assisted on the project.