Hands-On Research Opportunities Open Doors in Biomedical Engineering

Jasmine Baste has always wanted to go to medical school and was looking for something to give her the edge when it came to applying—the more she looked into biomedical engineering, the more she loved the field.

Jasmine quickly realized that becoming involved in research is a great way to learn more about biomedical engineering outside of the classroom, and it has opened a lot of doors for her. She says, “I think the research opportunities in the engineering department are incredible. Because we are such a small school, it’s really easy to get involved early and many professors are willing to take first- and second-year students into their labs.”

In addition, Jasmine participated in the Global Grand Challenges Competition, a national engineering competition, and had the opportunity to compete in a global competition in London. Similarly, she has also had additional opportunities to present her research in Chicago and California.

She participated in Armour College of Engineering’s Research and Development program and continues to work in Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Abhinav Bhushan’s laboratory. Outside of the lab, Jasmine recently completed the 2019 Chicago Marathon, raising more than $2,300 for the Special Olympics.

She is determined to make an impact on society and leave the world a better place. “I want to make advances in the medical field and treat patients. I want to encourage girls to go into STEM and possibly start a scholarship fund. I would like to continue to volunteer my time and give back to my community.”

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