Launching a Career in Biomedical Engineering

Prior to making her decision to attend Illinois Institute of Technology, Deborah Adesina had visited Chicago a couple of times and fell in love with the city. While researching universities, Deborah was drawn to Illinois Tech after learning about its highly reputable biomedical engineering program and numerous research opportunities available to undergraduate students.

She always knew that she wanted to combine her analytical skills with her love for the medical field. “Once I heard about biomedical engineering, I knew it was the one for me as having this degree would let me accomplish my goal,” Deborah adds.

As part of her RES-MATCH initiatives for spring 2020, Deborah worked with Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Abhinav Bhushan on the project titled “Biosensors for Health Monitoring.” Deborah’s research involved developing a biosensor that will monitor a specific biomarker, which is a measurable substance in an organism that indicates the presence of disease or infection. These efforts will help to improve diagnosing a disease or monitoring the progress of a disease in a patient, such as managing the glucose levels for diabetes patients.

Deborah shares, “[RES-MATCH] was an opportunity for me to choose from a different range of research projects and also gave me a chance to learn about the work that other professors do outside of my department. This was the perfect opportunity for me to actualize my dream of doing research.”

Participating in this program provided Deborah with an opportunity to build her skills and knowledge outside of the classroom through real-world, practical experience.

“This will prepare me for a job after graduation and will make me stand out,” she says. “Doing this research is also a step for me in the research and development field.”

After graduation Deborah aspires to work within the research and development division of a company with a focus on biotechnology. 

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