Nurturing a Passion for Renewable Energy

Maddy Urig describes herself as an environmentalist who cares deeply about preserving Earth’s natural resources and combating the future of energy. She enrolled at Illinois Tech because she was looking for a high-quality engineering school where it would be easy to get to know students and faculty. Through Armour College of Engineering’s R&D Program, she was able to partner with Professor Kevin Cassel—and discovered her passion for innovation in renewable energy. Besides her wind turbine R&D project, Maddy also helped set up an irrigation system for Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus farm, a project that introduced her to real-world problem solving.

“Designing alternatives to current renewable-energy systems allows me to unlock creativity within my engineering education,” she explains. “Illinois Tech has given me the opportunity to craft my technical classes toward my love for the environment, and I am truly getting an education perfectly designed for me.”