Pablo Aprell: Improvement of the Supply Chain in the Lumber Industry with the Application of the 4.0 Industry Technologies

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The lumber industry has a complex and traditional supply chain involving many different parts. In the United States, it is characterized by the old-fashioned methods still in place. The industry must solve two major issues that are critical for its surveillance and improvement: the payments between parts of its supply chain and care of the environment.

The appearance of denominated 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, and blockchain can improve the performance of the lumber supply chain and bring new solutions to issues that are deeply rooted in this industry, according to Industrial Technology and Management graduate student Pablo Alfonso Cuenca Aprell (MITO ’19). He was assisted by INTM Adjunct Professor Daniel Tomal.

Aprell says it's also important to take into consideration the ethical problems that these new technologies bring to the industry and society at large. It is not only important in terms of how these technological advancements can improve the industry, but also how they can help with the development of human beings and improve the sustainability of the planet.