Summer Legal Academy: Civics, Democracy, and Law

Eligibility Requirements

Rising ninth–12th graders


Conviser Law Center


Session three: June 24–28

This session will take place from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Program Description

The Civics, Democracy, and Law Summer Legal Academy is a five-day legal immersion program for high school students across the Chicago area.

Are you curious about civic engagement, law, or our democracy…becoming an activist, lawyer, or engaging on political and social issues? The goal of this week-long course is to enhance skill sets that are essential for students to progress successfully in academic and professional settings. Participants will experience interactive sessions focused on an exploration of governance, rights, and justice that will develop their communication, critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Through this uniquely designed curriculum, the Civics, Democracy, and Law Summer Legal Academy will inspire participants to pursue higher education and careers in government, law, politics, and public policy as well as equip them with the knowledge to become active participants in American civic and democratic institutions.

Example Activities

  • Develop professional content (e.g., elevator pitch, resume, etc.)
  • Discuss and read relatively short case opinions regarding topics impacting our democracy 
  • Hear from practitioners in government, law, politics, and public policy
  • Practice and understand the mechanics of litigation through mock trial and oral arguments
  • Tour the Chicago-Kent College of Law (including the courtrooms and library)
  • Tour local government institutions (e.g., City Hall/County Building, the Daley Center, and the Dirksen Federal Building) 


Jaylin D. McClinton, contractual policy associate at the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation


Questions about the application process? Email them to