Advanced Manufacturing (M.S.)

In the Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing program, students will explore the latest technologies, such as digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing, as well as learn more traditional, hardware-based methodologies. As many companies in the automotive, aerospace, and chemical industries, for example, are advancing standard manufacturing practices to include innovative technology, students will be prepared to address challenges and excel in today’s competitive business market.

Our graduates will understand the fundamentals and applications of modern manufacturing processes, be able to identify challenges with modern manufacturing processes, be skilled at analyzing data for manufacturing processes, and more.

Core program requirements cover computer-integrated manufacturing, design optimization cycles, advanced machining, and quality control.

Program Overview

To excel in today’s competitive business market, students will explore the latest manufacturing technologies in addition to learning more traditional, hardware-based methodologies.

Career Opportunities

Our Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing program will prepare you for careers such as:

  • Advanced manufacturing engineer
  • New product development engineer
  • Product engineering designer
  • Digital manufacturing engineer
  • Additive manufacturing engineer
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Required courses include:

MMAE 546—Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

MMAE 557—Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems

And elective courses, some of which are:

MMAE 445—Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

MMAE 485—Manufacturing Processes

MMAE 500—Data-Driven Modeling

MMAE 532—Advanced Finite Element Methods

MMAE 545—Advanced CAD/CAM

MMAE 547—Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Technologies

INTM 538—Advanced Machining for Manufacturing 1

INTM 539—Advanced Machining for Manufacturing

Admissions requirements ensure that incoming students are well-prepared and qualified to succeed in their chosen program. Prospective students must review each program of interest to determine whether they meet admissions requirements as outlined in the course bulletin.

Text: DMG Mori, Illinois Tech, National Center for Advanced Manufacturing

National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Launched

This national center for advanced manufacturing launched with DMG Mori aims to be one of the nation’s first joint university-industry academies to train, develop, and empower the advanced manufacturing workforces of the future.

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Featured Faculty

Amir Mostafaei
Assistant Professor
John Cesarone
Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
Sayed Saghaian
Associate Teaching Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
William Maurer
Industry Professor, Industrial Technology and Management Outreach Coordinator, Industrial Technology and Management Director of Manufacturing Outreach Initiatives, Armour College of Engineering