IIT Architecture B.ARCH. M.ENG. Dual Degree

Architecture (B.ARCH.)/Construction Engineering and Management (M.ENG.)

This Accelerated Master's Program includes a foundational education in architecture and an advanced education in the realities of construction.

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The Bachelor of Architecture/Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Management accelerated master's program is designed for undergraduate architecture students who are already completing a bachelor’s degree program. It enables them to simultaneously complete their architecture degree as well as an advanced degree in construction management in as few as six years by completing fewer credit hours with increased scheduling flexibility. Students may also complete the accelerated master's degree program utilizing undergraduate scholarships and funding.

Beyond the foundational education of our B.ARCH. program, the M.ENG. in construction engineering and management degree gives students the knowledge and background necessary to confront the realities of construction. Students learn how to plan and schedule projects, estimate and control costs, administer contracts, organize construction sites, manage construction equipment, analyze productivity, optimize construction activities, plan and manage real estate developments, and address legal problems.

Program Overview

This Accelerated Master's Program allows students to simultaneously complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree. In addition to an undergraduate education in architecture, students gain the knowledge needed to confront the realities of construction in an engineering-focused master's program.

Career Opportunities

The educational focus of both architecture and construction engineering management lends itself to placement in construction and architecture field, including:

  • Architectural design
  • Architectural engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction management
  • Project management

The master of engineering portion of this accelerated master's degree program is a course-only, professionally oriented degree program. No thesis or comprehensive examination is required for completion of the M.ENG. degree.

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Students of this program must be admitted to Illinois Institute of Technology. Students who are interested in transferring to this program should consult their academic adviser.