Biomedical Engineering (B.S.): Cell and Tissue Engineering Track

This Biomedical Engineering degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET Inc.,

This field seeks to understand and attack biomedical problems at the microscopic level and to use such knowledge to engineer replacement tissues and organs from individual cells. Knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, and the mechanics of cellular and sub-cellular structures is needed to understand disease processes and target interventions. Armed with such knowledge, new technologies have been, or are being, developed. Examples include miniature devices for delivering compounds that stimulate or inhibit cellular processes in precise locations to promote healing or inhibit disease formation and progression; new techniques that have produced replacement skin and may one day produce heart valves, coronary vessels, and even entire hearts; and development of artificial materials used for implantation as well as new biomaterials that incorporate proteins or living cells, thereby providing a truer biological and mechanical match for the living tissue.

Program Overview

Students will be able to understand biomedical problems at the microscopic level; to use such knowledge to engineer replacement tissues and organs from individual cells; and to understand disease processes and target interventions with knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, and the mechanics of cellular and sub-cellular structures.

Career Opportunities

Our biomedical engineering degree program with a cell and tissue engineering track will prepare you for such careers as:

  • Biomedical engineer
  • Researcher
  • Physician
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The undergraduate biomedical cell and tissue engineering curriculum will prepare students to learn how cells control and are controlled by the cellular microenvironment. You will be trained to engineer better health at the molecular and cellular level through cutting-edge applications.

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