Communication (B.S.)

Students majoring in communication focus on projects with practical implications, learning to work as part of a team, communicate across disciplines, and build an impressive portfolio to launch their careers.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Communication program can choose from three specializations: professional and technical communication, journalism of science, and journalism of technology and business.

We are one of a few programs in the country that will train you to be a subject-matter expert in addition to teaching you how to write solid copy. Our journalism students learn from experts in technology, science, and professional communication.

Regardless of which specialization you choose, all communication majors will develop fluency in the social and cultural aspects of communication, the latest computer technologies, and strategies for information design—all critical tools for today's communicators.

Program Overview

As a communication major, you'll hone your writing and editing skills, be trained on the latest communication technologies, and choose one specialization area: professional and technical communication, journalism of science, or journalism of technology and business.

Career Opportunities

With a communication degree from Illinois Tech, you will enter the workforce ready for any number of roles, including:

  • Science reporter
  • Business reporter
  • Social media manager
  • Web design and development
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Information architecture
  • Instructional design
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Within the Bachelor of Communication program, you will take general education and major coursework, and delay choosing a specialization for three to four semesters if necessary. You also have the option of earning a minor in an area of your choosing outside of your degree program.

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Students in this program must be admitted to Illinois Tech. Students who are interested in transferring to this program should consult their academic adviser.

Program Specializations

Featured Faculty

Mohamed El Marzouki
Assistant Professor of Communication
Gregory Pulliam
Associate Teaching Professor of Communications, Rhetoric, and Linguistics Director of Undergraduate Programs
Matt Bauer
Department Chair Associate Professor of Linguistics Director, Speech Analysis Lab

“A close friend and advisor of mine were talking about what the world needed. In that conversation, I realized that what the world needs is more people on the frontlines of the news with a technical mindset, who can translate the nature of science into stories that can make a difference.”

Andrew Adams (Communication 4th Year, Journalism of Science Specialization)

Andrew Adams