Analytics Specialization

The Analytics specialization in the Ph.D. in Management Science program is ideal for students who want to apply the theoretical, analytical, and quantitative rigor of management science to industry, consulting, or governmental careers in analytics, or who are interested in academic teaching careers.

The program offers opportunities to develop specialized skills involving analytics in fields such as marketing, networks, and supply chain management.

Required courses for the Analytics specialization (three credits per course):

  • MAX 522/MSC 615—Predictive Analytics
  • MAX 523/MSC 616—Social Media Marketing Analytics
  • MSC 651—Quantitative Marketing Models
  • MSC 652—Supply Chain Analytics
  • MSC 653—Topics in Marketing Analytics
  • MSC 654—Social Network Analytics

View the curriculum for the Ph.D. in Management Science (MSC) program and MSC course descriptions.

Career Opportunities

Industry, Consulting, and Government

As a longtime center for advertising, marketing, and logistics, as well as a growing hub for startups and tech businesses of all types, Chicago offers Stuart students in analytics abundant opportunities for internships, jobs, and networking with professionals.

The specialization in Analytics prepares students for positions at all kinds of businesses and organizations—both consumer-focused and business-to-business—in which leveraging, modeling, and interpreting data plays a vital role in making informed business decisions and enhancing operational effectiveness. This includes industries across the spectrum, from marketing to healthcare to manufacturing, as well as in consulting and the public sector.

Our graduates are ready to take on roles such as:

  • Director of management and analytics or business data analytics manager
  • Commercial analytics and data science manager
  • Senior business analyst or senior quantitative researcher
  • Data science modeler, predictive modeling analyst, or data science and insights analyst
  • Senior data scientist or data analysis research scientist


Students interested in academic careers are supported by strong mentoring relationships with our faculty, opportunities to co-author papers published in prestigious scholarly journals, and help in securing adjunct positions to develop their teaching skills. As a result, our graduates are prepared to launch research and teaching careers as analytics faculty members.