Materials Chemistry (M.A.S.)

Materials chemistry is study of designing and synthesizing materials with distinct or useful characteristics, like magnetic, optical, catalytic, or structural properties. This includes understanding these materials on a molecular level.

This professional master’s program in materials chemistry is a part-time, online program designed for scientists who wish to broaden their background in synthesis, characterization, and properties of materials and chemical systems. The program combines modern materials design and synthesis strategies with innovative characterization techniques, along with computational and simulation methods.

It is structured to provide you opportunities to develop a broad understanding of materials synthesis and characterization, to learn to design and manage projects, and to sharpen your skills in intellectual property management.

Also, learn how to lead teams in problem-solving strategies, as the program has a focus on professional skills in project management, technical communication, and intellectual property management.

Program Overview

This part-time, online professional master’s program is designed for scientists to broaden their background in synthesis, characterization, and properties of materials and chemical systems. Learn how to lead teams in problem-solving strategies, as the program also focuses on professional skills.

Career Opportunities

Materials are substances that are being used technically, or have potential for such usage, in industry and society. And they are just about everywhere. Materials Chemists play a central role in the design, development, manufacture and characterization of all kinds of materials to cater to the needs of industry and society. They include: 

  • Research and Development Chemist/Scientist
  • Chemist
  • Quality Control Chemist
  • Polymer Chemist
  • Pharmaceutical Chemist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Materials Scientist
  • Process/Product Development Scientist
  • Scientist
  • Technical Sales Professional
  • High School Science Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Patent and Trade Mark Professional
  • Technical Writer
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Applicants are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering with at least two semesters of organic chemistry and two semesters of calculus.

Applicants must submit a transcript, one letter of recommendation, and a professional statement.