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Illinois Tech’s chemistry programs accentuate critical thinking and problem-solving skills to prepare students for careers in industry, academia, and government. Research programs cut across boundaries in catalysis, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, materials, and sustainable energy.

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The chemistry program at Illinois Tech provides a rigorous education in the fundamental areas of chemical theory and chemical experimentation. It roots you in the discipline and provides a firm foundation, along with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to pursue many career paths. Its flexible curriculum offers specializations beyond the traditional fields of chemistry.

BROCHURE: Your Future in Chemistry at Illinois Tech

Sana Basheer

Called to Medicine

Sana Basheer (BCHM '21) discovered her passion for medicine at Illinois Tech.

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Introducing the MS in Sensor Science and Technology

Introducing the MS in Sensor Science and Technology

New as of fall 2022, the MS in Sensor Science and Technology prepares students for careers developing smart scientific and technology innovations to address health and environmental issues.

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Three New Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry

Our three newest majors prepare students for specialized career paths, meaning they graduate better prepared for competitive graduate programs and in-demand jobs in their fields. Hone your expertise and gain advanced skills with our programs in environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry.

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rong wang

Using Chemistry to Improve Health Outcomes

Professor of Chemistry Rong Wang's research toward innovative health solutions — involving toothbrushes with sensors, cocoons from silkworms, and more — is featured in the Spring 2021 issue of Big Picture magazine.

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College of Science Summer Scholar Program

Summer Scholars Program

The Summer Scholar Program (SSP) offers accomplished high school and community college students the opportunity to engage in hands-on chemistry research. Application deadline: May 1.


Combined Degree Programs

Learn about the ways a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Illinois Tech can be combined with accelerated graduate or professional degrees for unique career preparation.

A degree in chemistry can lead to a career in health care. Lean more about the B.S. in Medicinal Chemistry, the Chemistry (B.S.)/Biology for the Health Professions (M.S.), Illinois Tech’s pre-health and pre-medicine programs, and dual enrollment in Chicago pharmacy schools.

Earn an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a graduate degree in food safety in as few as five years with Illinois Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Master of Food Safety and Technology Accelerated Master’s Program.

Illinois Tech is one of the few tech-focused universities with a law school. A combination of degrees in chemistry and law can lead to careers opportunities in environmental law, patent law, intellectual property management, or as in-house counsel for the chemical industry. Learn more about Illinois Tech’s Honors Law program.

Chemistry undergraduates interested in career options within the field of chemical engineering may wish to pursue Illinois Tech's accelerated Chemistry (B.S.)/Chemical Engineering (M.A.S.), offered in partnership with Armour College of Engineering.

Complementing our new bachelor's degree program in environmental chemistry, we also offer the accelerated the Chemistry (B.S.)/Environmental Management and Sustainability (M.S.) in partnership with Illinois Tech's Stuart School of Business. 

Featured Faculty

The faculty of the Department of Chemistry are dedicated to wide-ranging research in fields including biochemistry, computational chemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry, materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and more.

Yuanbing Mao
Department of Chemistry Chair Professor of Chemistry
Katherine Leight
Associate Chair, Department of Chemistry Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator
David Minh
Robert E. Frey, Jr. Endowed Chair in Chemistry Associate Professor of Chemistry Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC)
Adam Hock
Associate Professor of Chemistry Graduate Admissions Coordinator Chemist, Catalysis Group, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Rong Wang
Professor of Chemistry Graduate Director Director, International Center for Sensor Science and Engineering
Sameh Elsaidi
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Hyun Soon Chong
Professor of Chemistry
Braja Mandal
Professor of Chemistry
M Ishaque Khan
Professor of Chemistry Director, Materials Chemistry Program
Xiyun Guan
Professor of Chemistry


"The chemistry curriculum at Illinois Tech is outstanding. The lower-level courses lay a solid foundation, and the upper-level courses offer instruction that’s challenging and promotes independent thinking. Illinois Tech also does an excellent job of offering research opportunities to undergraduates; I was fortunate enough to participate in my first research project as a sophomore. At a larger university, I don't think I would have had such an amazing opportunity that early in my undergraduate career. That research experience and the advanced coursework at Illinois Tech prepared me well for my graduate studies at Stanford.”

Chris Kalnmals (CHEM ’13)

Chris Kalnmals

"Illinois Tech chemistry has provided me with a great foundation for how chemistry and chemical structures play a major role in the human body in the field of pharmacology. The demanding curriculum at Illinois Tech gave me the skills and confidence to face the challenges of an accelerated Pharm D program.”

Nick Shattuck (CHEM ’13)

Nick Shattuck

"The education I received as an Illinois Tech chemistry major directly helped me with my coursework, especially in topics such as biochemistry and pharmacology. Knowing the chemistry behind the reactions we learned may not be essential to a clinician, but it gives me a better understanding of what is happening in the body, it taught me how to think analytically, and it gives me insight into why certain medical decisions are made.”

Kamil Bober (CHEM ’12)

Kamil Bober

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