Sameh Elsaidi

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry, Alexandria University

M.S. Chemistry, Alexandria University

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of South Florida

Research Interests

Elsaidi laboratory, the Center of Separation Science and Sustainability (CSSS), conducts research that is highly interdisciplinary in nature but focuses on the rational design, synthesis, and characterization of functional porous materials, advanced composites, and multicomponent membranes. We aim to uncover and provide fundamental insights into structure-property-function relationships of materials and to exploit applications in gas separation, gas storage, environment, energy, nuclear waste management and extraction and recovery of valuable elements.

Functional porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have revolutionized the field of materials science. Their “made-to-order” design leads to potentially limitless applications determined by their pore size, geometry, and chemical functionality. The appeal of these materials stems from the fact that MOFs are programmable and that you can control their design to behave exactly as you want it to. This is because the number of components available to build new MOFs (metal salts and organic ligands) is nearly unlimited. Their numbers have skyrocketed, as has the realization that these highly porous materials have enormous commercial potential, with applications ranging from separations to biological science.

Alongside, composite materials and membranes are used to tackle the need for bulk performance or properties that cannot be accomplished using a single component. The use of several components in the composite/membrane fabrication can engender the same material with several properties at once, such as excellent mechanical properties, high permeability/adsorption capacity, superb selectivity, chemical/physical/thermal/radiation stability, etc. The high degree of control over the properties of composite materials/membranes makes them promising candidates that can make significant advances in the field of separation science and sustainability.

Elsaidi group will aim to develop novel porous materials, composites and membranes that exhibit cost-reduction, eco-friendly practices, radical improvements in performance over existing state-of-the-art materials, and potentially revolutionizing the current technologies specifically in (1) Radioactive waste management; (2) Nuclear Forensic; (3) Radiation-Resistant Materials; (4) Extraction of rare earth elements, (5) Uranium extraction, (6) Coatings, (7) Global warming, and (8) Production of synthetic fuels, and generally in (1) Separation science, (2) Environmental applications, (3) Sustainable energy, (4) Heterogeneous catalysis, and (5) Materials manufacturing. Our research spans almost all the conventional disciplines of organic, inorganic, analytical and physical chemistry, and chemical and materials engineering, providing a very eclectic blend of ideas, techniques, and strategies.


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Michael J. Zaworotko, Mona H. Mohamed, and Sameh K. Elsaidi, "Metal-Organic Materials (MOMs) for Adsorption of Polarizable Gases and Methods of Using MOMs" US 9676807.


Materials Science and Engineering, Porous Materials, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Covalent-Organic Frameworks, Porous Organic Cages, Advanced Composites, Membranes, Coatings, Structure-Property-Function Relationships, Gas Separation, Gas Storage, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Extraction of Valuable Elements, Nuclear Waste Management, Nuclear Forensic, Radiation-Resistant Materials, Global Warming, Carbon Capture, Production of Synthetic Fuels, Extraction of Rare Earth Elements, Uranium Extraction, Energy Storage, Sustainable Energy

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