Rehabilitation Services (Minor)

The mission of the Minor in Rehabilitation Services is to prepare students to meet the demand for personnel with bachelor's degrees that have the expertise to work with people with disabilities.

The Department of Psychology has a long history of responding to the demands of the community for trained practitioners. The college also has a long history of providing quality education and individualized attention to students that facilitates the development of personal and professional skills. The degree programs in rehabilitation have received national recognition for their contribution to the field, currently ranked 15th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

The mission of the rehabilitation services program is to:

  • Increase the number of students entering the workforce with a bachelor's degree who are qualified to provide rehabilitation services to people with disabilities
  • Prepare students to enter graduate study in the field of rehabilitation counseling and related professions serving people with disabilities

Students can graduate with a bachelor's degree in Psychological Science and a minor in Rehabilitation Services, which is designed to prepare them to work in a rehabilitation setting.

Program Overview

This minor will prepare you to provide rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, as well as to enter graduate study in the field of rehabilitation counseling and related professions serving people with disabilities.

Career Opportunities

Students can design their degree program to qualify for positions including:

  • Assistive technology practitioner
  • Career counselor
  • Disability services counselor
  • Independent living specialist
  • Job placement specialist
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation specialist
  • Residential counselor
  • Behavior specialist
  • Case manager
  • Job coach
  • Probation/parole officer

Minors consist of at least five courses (a minimum 15 of semester hours).

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Featured Faculty

Patrick Corrigan
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Lindsay Sheehan
Assistant Professor
Eun Jeong Lee
Professor of Psychology
Frank Lane
Associate Professor of Psychology
Nicole Ditchman
Associate Professor of Psychology
Kelly Kazukauskas
Clinical Associate Professor Director, Counseling and Rehabilitation Science Program
Jonathan Larson
Associate Professor of Psychology Chair, Department of Psychology