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We are committed to training the next generation of psychologists from a perspective that integrates science and practice. 

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Illinois Tech’s Department of Psychology believes that the study of human behavior has tremendous scientific and practical significance, and is deeply committed to creating an environment that fosters innovations in psychological education, research, and service. We are actively contributing to research in several broad areas of human behavior, including attitudes toward people with disabilities, communication in social networks, depression, developmental issues, eating disorders and body image, infant mental health, health behaviors, leadership, organizational training, personnel selection, quantitative research methods, school-to-work transitions, social support, stigma, test development, and more.

In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, our faculty members maintain vibrant and active research labs, are the recipients of federally funded research awards, serve on editorial boards of prestigious scientific journals, and are invited to deliver presentations across the nation and around the world. Our students work with our faculty in ongoing research, present their work at regional and national conferences, and apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

Graduates from the Department of Psychology comprise a distinguished group. Our alumni include individuals who have excelled in academic and scientific professions; achieved recognition as leaders in the local, regional, national, and international business communities; and remained closely connected to Illinois Tech.

Elizabeth Dougherty

Exploring the Link Between Eating Disorders and Mental Health

Clinical psychology Ph.D. student Elizabeth Dougherty has been recognized for her research investigating the connection between mental health and eating disorders.

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A Clinical Perspective

Assistant Professor of Psychology Alissa Haedt-Matt, an expert on eating disorders and body image, takes a deeper look at selfie culture for National Selfie Day.

Patrick Corrigan Speaking

Shaking Off the Stigma

Patrick Corrigan is a distinguished professor of psychology and the principal investigator of the National Consortium for Stigma and Empowerment, an Illinois Tech-based research group advancing recovery from mental illness by understanding stigma and promoting empowerment.

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Tackling Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Associate Professor of Psychology Arlen Moller offers a course designed to give students the tools to explore this issue from a public health and communications perspective.

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Featured Faculty

The faculty of the Department of Psychology are dedicated to wide-ranging research spanning the fields of clinical psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and counseling and rehabilitation science.

Jonathan Larson
Associate Professor of Psychology Chair, Department of Psychology
Kristina Bauer
Associate Chair, Department of Psychology Associate Professor of Psychology
Eun Jeong Lee
Professor of Psychology
Patrick Corrigan
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Scott Morris
Nambury S. Raju Endowed Chair in Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program Director Professor
Arlen C. Moller
Associate Professor of Psychology
Roya Ayman
Professor of Psychology Adjunct Professor, Industrial Technology and Management
Steff Du Bois
Associate Professor of Psychology
Frank Lane
Associate Professor of Psychology
Kelly Kazukauskas
Clinical Associate Professor Director, Counseling and Rehabilitation Science Program
Nicole Ditchman
Associate Professor of Psychology
George Langlois
Executive Director, Center for Research and Service Executive Director, Center for Leadership Studies Executive Director, Leadership Academy Industry Professor of Psychology
Lindsay Sheehan
Assistant Professor
Nicole Legate
Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Programs

“I love the fact that all the professors here want students to gain experience and get involved. My first semester, halfway in I received a lab position with Kristina Bauer's Psychology Laboratory. I was so excited to be able to participate and create a new study from the beginning; I got to input ideas and help out with designing the possible study. The lab position also opened up my connections to psychology graduate students and other people within the department who have great advice. They have been very influential and helpful with my future plans.”

—Julia Honda (Psychology 2nd Year)

Julia Honda

“I like that [as students] we can do research and that our professors make it really easy for us to get involved. They really teach us how to be effective scientists and allow us to take the lead of our own research. I hope to continue on to graduate school (specifically a doctorate in clinical psychology) and, after completing all of my schooling, open up my own practice that focuses on providing mental health care and mental health advocacy to black women in Chicago’s south-side neighborhoods.”

—Alexandra Montgomery (Psychological Science 4th Year)

Alexandra Montgomery

“My eventual goal is to go to law school, and I think the analytical skills that I will learn throughout my degree will help me prepare for the LSAT. I have really enjoyed my courses and professors so far. Being at a smaller school is very helpful when you need help in a course because professors are usually very open to meet and discuss materials. I appreciate the wide variety of courses that I am able to take through my degree, and I feel that the knowledge I have gained will help me later in life.”

—Kyle Hance (Applied Analytics 2nd Year)

Kylie Hance

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