Where Psychology Meets Food Science

As a fourth-year student majoring in behavioral health and wellness and specializing in nutrition, Rebecca Oziemkowski is bridging the departments of Psychology and Food Science and Nutrition to tailor her education toward a career helping others make healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices.

“I chose to pursue a degree in behavioral health and wellness because I want to help people make the best choices for their health and live a long and sustainable life,” Oziemkowski says.

A native of Palos Heights, Illinois, Oziemkowski says she is gaining “unimaginable levels of hands-on experience” working as an intern at the Clinical Nutrition Research Center at the Institute for Food Safety and Health at Illinois Tech.

“It has given me the opportunity to work side by side with renowned professionals and receive an experience I would not get from any other university,” she says. “I work with [Clinical Research Associate] Morganne Freeman at the center, and she is a font of knowledge. She inspires me every day to be curious. Morganne is an amazing mentor and encourages me to take initiative and explore research on my own, while still guiding me along the way.”

After she graduates, Oziemkowski plans to pursue a career in the field of health coaching.