International GPA Conversion

The assessment of a degree from an international institution is based upon the characteristics of a national system of education, the type of institution, the accreditation/recognition, the level of study, and number of years of post-secondary study. Illinois Tech will evaluate all uploaded academic credentials to determine the U.S. degree equivalency, and estimated U.S. grade point average, for all international applicants.

If you completed coursework for your degree at multiple institutions, indicate all institutions attended to obtain your degrees on the application. You will be asked to upload copies of the official transcripts from each institution attended. The Office of Graduate Admission reserves the right to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the educational documents submitted.

Converting Grades to a U.S. GPA

All applicants with non-U.S. institution transcripts must complete a GPA report via Scholaro. The Scholaro report will be audited against the uploaded transcripts provided and will be considered as part of the formal admission review process.

  1. Follow the GPA calculation instructions to convert your international average grade point to a U.S. 4.0 scale using the Scholaro GPA Calculator. 

    NOTE: Applicants MUST select the same grading scale indicated on their transcript to calculate their estimated U.S. GPA. Omission of grades or failure to use the correct grading scale when completing the Scholaro report may lead to the reversal of an offer of admission.
  2. Enter all your courses, credits hours, and grades in the same order as they appear on your transcripts into the Scholaro GPA Calculator. DO NOT omit any grades or courses.
  3. All applicants who attended non-U.S. institutions must upload both the Scholaro GPA report and a copy of their official transcript for each degree completed or in progress at the time of application to Illinois Tech.
  4. If your institution does not award grades or your grades are not yet awarded, enter 0.0 as your GPA. A Scholaro GPA report is not required from those with no grades.
  5. Select “United States” and complete the Scholaro report using the United States 4.0 scale if the following is true about your transcript:
    1. It is from a non-U.S. institution
    2. The scale for the institution is a 4.0/4.3
    3. The 4.0/4.3 scale is not listed as an option for your country in Scholaro
  6. If you are unable to find your institution’s scale for your country, please contact Scholaro GPA Help for assistance.