Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschooled students are evaluated equally among other applicants, and the general recommendations for homeschooled students' pre-college academic curriculum are the same as for students from traditional high schools.

As with any applicant, however, Illinois Tech welcomes any supplemental materials that may help us to better review the application. Admission to Illinois Tech is competitive, and it is to the applicant's own benefit to provide us with the appropriate information to aid us in the fair and accurate evaluation of your application.

First-Year Student Application and Requirements

Application Suggestions for Homeschooled Students

  1. Letters of recommendation are invited from a tutor or parent, but we also encourage one or two additional letters from employers, coaches, clergy, homeschool associations, or other community members
  2. SAT II and AP scores will be reviewed if sent
  3. Include official transcripts of any classes you may have taken at local high schools or colleges or through summer programs
  4. If we feel we do not have enough information from which to evaluate an applicant, we may ask for a more detailed description of the individual's homeschool curriculum, possibly in the form of course descriptions or syllabi

Typically, our homeschooled applicants are prepared for Illinois Tech's rigor but simply have different curricular experiences; we look forward to hearing your individual educational story.

We encourage all applicants to visit campus and meet with an admission counselor. During this meeting you may ask any questions you have about the application process and, if desired, tell us more about your educational background.