Department of Biomedical Engineering

Letter from the Chair

John Georgiadis

Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Illinois Tech. 

The mission of the biomedical engineering department is to create graduates who are capable of driving innovative engineering solutions to contemporary problems in medicine and to transform global health care through interdisciplinary translational research and development. Given the plethora of challenges and opportunities for innovation in human health science and technology, we have grown as a department based on our foundational expertise in the areas of cell and tissue engineering, neural engineering, and medical imaging. Since our inception in 2001, we have developed the requisite educational and research infrastructure through institutional and external support, fostered multiple collaborations with industrial and clinical partners, established a robust research program, and laid the foundation for developing the expertise of our faculty and students in tackling current and emerging global health challenges. We offer a single bachelor’s degree program in biomedical engineering with three tracks, master’s degree programs in several areas of specialization within biomedical engineering (including a number of accelerated master's degree programs), and a doctorate program in biomedical engineering. More than 200 undergraduate and graduate biomedical engineering students work and learn alongside our faculty, as we explore new therapeutic interventions; develop better medical devices and prosthetics; and increase the sensitivity and specificity of medical diagnostics in aging, cancer, and diabetes.

As a current student, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to participate in biomedical engineering research or the Armour College of Engineering R&D program; to join the student chapter of professional organizations, such as the Biomedical Engineering Society or the Society of Women Engineers; and to enjoy the many cultural advantages that Chicago affords

John G. Georgiadis
Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering
R.A. Pritzker Professor of Biomedical Engineering