These materials will be available on the Center for Advancing Corporate Performance’s website shortly, and until then are available upon request. 

Corporate Financial Performance

Metric Wars—How the Choice of Metric Can Influence Decision Making
Bryant Matthews, Research Director Credit Suisse HOLT and CACP Executive Advisory Board Member
Presentation given at the Decision Science Institute (DSI) annual meeting in Chicago (2018). Features Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI) as a metric ideally suited for academic/practitioner research and professional investors.

Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (UAFRS)
Joel Litman, CEO, Founder of Valens Research, CACP Executive Advisory Board Member
White paper on removing the distortions of conventional "as reported" corporate accounting statements to enable sound research, investment and corporate management decision-making.

Human Capital Research and Developments

CEOs with Diverse Networks Create Higher Firm Value
Yiwei Fang, CACP Participating Faculty
Published in Harvard Business Review and Journal of Corporate Finance.

Management’s Key’s Responsibility is the Firm’s Knowledge Building Proficiency, the Foundation of Long-Term Performance and Intangible Asset Value
Bartley J. Madden, CACP Executive Advisory Board Member
Published in Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.

SEC 3/28/2019 Recommendation for Companies to Disclose Human Capital Information
Human Capital Management Coalition (HCMC), CACP Partner Organization
Petition from HCMC approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission

Human Capital Risk: The Central Element of All Risk
Mark C. Ubelhart, CACP Chairman
Published in HR People + Strategy Journal

An Economic View of the Impact of Human Capital on Firm Performance and Valuation
Mark C. Ubelhart, CACP Chairman
Wiley Finance Valuation Handbook

Alignment of Business Performance and Compensation

Implications of Director Tenure on Firm Performance
Joe Cursio, CACP Research Fellow and Mitchell Saranow, Founding Chairman of CACP
PwC Governance Newsletter, December 2018

Dual Class Shares and Long-term Firm Performance
Yiwei Fang et al.
PwC Governance Newsletter, May 2019

Illustrations of How to Assess CEO Pay Leverage and Alignment to Total Shareholder Value
Stephen O'Byrne, President of Shareholder Value Advisors and CACP Executive Advisory Board Member

Environmental, Social and Governance Issues and Perspectives
Tom Sheridan, Director of Research, Credit-Suisse HOLT, and CAPC Executive Advisory Board Member

Alert Regarding Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) Planned Advocacy of Companies to Disclose EVA with Executive Compensation
Jamie McGough and Andrew McLellan, Partners, Meridian Compensation Partners