Campus Life Greek Council

The Greek Council serves as the governing body for all social fraternity and sorority organizations on Illinois Tech’s campus.


The mission of the fraternities and sororities at Illinois Institute of Technology is to ensure the success of our students and of invested partners by fostering a positive, healthy, and equitable college experience for all members of our community. We accomplish this through our values-based approach that focuses on scholarship, community, leadership, and service.


  • Scholarship—We strive to achieve high academic excellence by promoting and providing educational support and opportunities to all our members.
  • Community—We aim to foster a healthy and safe environment rooted in respect, fellowship, and support while embracing all members of our global community.
  • Leadership—We are committed to providing leadership opportunities and empowering members to become authentic leaders in professional, educational, and social settings that will lead them to enhance our campus community.
  • Service—We ensure that our values of community and leadership are exemplified through our lifelong dedication to engage with others through meaningful involvement in service and philanthropic events on a local, regional, and international level.

Meet the Exec

  • President: Anthea Gonzalez (Kappa Phi Delta)
  • Vice President of Accounts and Records: Bryant Schultz (Phi Kappa Sigma)
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Serena Kinkade (Alpha Sigma Alpha)
  • Vice President of Community Affairs: Creighton Gaff (Alpha Sigma Phi)
  • Vice President of Chapter Excellence: Ramiro Alarcon (Triangle)
  • Vice President of Recruitment: Andre Torres (Alpha Sigma Phi)

Social Media

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