Potential New Members

New and Prospective Members

Students from the Illinois Institute of Technology or the VanderCook College of Music who are not already affiliated with a fraternity/sorority recognized by Greek Council are eligible to become members of any fraternity/sorority organization on campus and are considered “prospective members.” Prospective members can be officially invited into a fraternity/sorority through an official invitation also known as a “bid.”

Bids may be extended anytime, except during the period from formal recruitment to “bid day” (i.e., the last day of the formal recruitment period). This is the earliest possible time at which fraternities/sororities may officially extend invitations to join their organization for the fall or spring semesters. Bid day is also the earliest possible time at which a prospective member may accept their bid to become a new member of that organization for the fall or spring semesters.

Recruitment Period

The Fall 2024 formal recruitment period called, “recruitment week” begins the Saturday prior to the start of the semester at the annual Taste of the Quad event and ends the following Saturday (August 17–24, 2024).

The “informal recruitment period” is any period outside of the formal recruitment period. Recruitment events are considered to be any event with the intention of recruiting new members.

Questions? Contact Greek Council Vice President of Recruitment, James Frampton (Alpha Sigma Phi), at iit.gc.pr@gmail.com.