Programs and Progress

“Illinois Tech will achieve sustainability through action, not just words.”

Putting the Illinois Tech sustainability initiatives, commitments, and policies into action, our programs will move us closer to our goal of becoming the “most sustainable urban campus in the United States.”

Illinois Tech Sustainability Programs in Progress

  • Energy
  • Emissions/Green House Gases
  • Green Buildings
  • Water
  • Waste Materials
  • Evaluations
    • Measuring every step of the way to meet our measurement criteria and continually give us an accurate understanding of how we are doing
    • We will set goals for our programs and projects and evaluate our findings against them, and then report the metrics
  • Externally
    • We are reviewed and measured from a number of outside sources, and you can see who's watching Illinois Tech and how they think we are doing. We will present our scores and rankings from them as they become available

Programs are directed by the Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability and managed by Illinois Tech faculty, staff, and students. The direction and management of our programs follow our project and program requirements and metrics that are established by the sustainability vision.