The Center for Complex Systems and Dynamics provides an interdisciplinary collaborative environment for fundamental and applied research for understanding and mathematically describing complex systems; developing mathematical and computational techniques for simulating, analyzing, and modifying their behavior; and applying these methods to various complex systems of national interest. Current research areas include nonlinear and stochastic phenomena in complex systems, multiagent systems, complex networks and adaptive systems, natural and industrial ecologies, dynamics of multiphase systems, fluid turbulence, molecular level modeling of physical systems, brain electrophysiology and computational neuroscience, and transportation systems.

The tasks of the Center include:

  • Organization and coordination of education and research activities in systems science, applied mathematics, sciences, engineering, organization theory, psychology and social sciences, business, and law that focus on various complex systems;
  • Organization of outreach activities to establish partnerships with National Laboratories and industry for research and application work on complex systems;
  • Promotion of IIT's research capabilities in this area; and
  • Development of a robust externally funded research program in complex systems and dynamics.