Faculty Guide

Faculty and Staff requesting accommodations for their own disabilities must contact Human Resources at 312-567-3318.

Collaboration between Faculty and the Center for Disability Resources (CDR)

The CDR deeply values the input of IIT's faculty in its effort to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the university's curricula. In particular, the CDR relies on faculty's guidance in striking the balance between accommodating students with disabilities and preserving academic standards. The CDR collaborates with faculty to determine appropriate reasonable accommodations and to maintain the integrity of course standards and program requirements.

Faculty FAQs

In some cases, students with disabilities are entitled to accommodations related to administration of examinations. Typical testing accommodations include extended time in which to complete the exam, alternate format (e.g. large print), a reduced-distraction area in which to take the exam, and the use of a computer or other assistive technology. The intent of testing accommodations is not to alter performance requirements or lessen course standards; rather, their purpose is to ensure equal access to the testing setting for students with relevant disabilities and to remove barriers that traditional exam administration presents.

Such testing accommodations can either be provided directly by course instructors or by the CDR. If faculty members choose to provide accommodations, they must be prepared to:

  • Provide an appropriate testing environment, including a dedicated testing space that is quiet, offers minimal distractions, and provides the ability to take and complete the exam without interruption.
  • Ensure that students with disabilities have the same exam opportunities and resources as all other students (e.g. the opportunity to ask clarifying questions related to the exam.)

Alternatively, the CDR may administer your exams. The staff at the CDR is equipped to administer exams in an appropriate and secure manner. The CDR is fully committed to preserving the university’s academic integrity. To arrange testing accommodations through the CDR, students have been instructed to notify the office at least two business days prior to the exam date. This lead-time is necessary so that the CDR can secure space and proctors to administer the exam. The CDR will contact you to arrange receipt of the exam.

All exams must be received by the CDR at least one day prior to the administration date. Exams can be sent via email or dropped off in the CDR office in 3424 S. State St., Room 1C3-2. If during the exam you provide the class additional instructions or make modifications to the exam, please be sure to contact the CDR,  so that we may alert the student to such changes.

Upon request from an eligible student, the CDR will contact you to make an announcement in your class to assist the CDR in recruiting a classmate to provide a copy of his/her notes. Note-taking services are coordinated in ways that preserve the anonymity of those receiving this service. The CDR will review the classmate's notes for quality, content, neatness, and organization. Note-takers are required to provide a copy of their notes each week. Note-taking services are not intended to be a substitute for class attendance.