A Bottom-Up Approach to Building a Culture of Responsible Research and Practice in STEM

The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (CSEP) at Illinois Institute of Technology has recently completed a five-year project funded by the National Science Foundation focused on developing ethical cultures in Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research. Under the guidance of the project’s principal investigator, Elisabeth Hildt, director of CSEP and Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities, and the Co-PIs Kelly Laas, CSEP’s librarian, Eric Brey, Duchossois Leadership Professor and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Christine Miller, Clinical Associate Professor of Innovation at Stuart School of Business, Illinois Tech graduate students in STEM fields developed discipline and laboratory-specific ethical guidelines aimed at providing support in handling ethical issues important to the lab environments in which they work. This project aimed to positively influence researchers’ understanding of ethical research and practice issues, enhance their handling of these issues, and promote an ethical culture in their respective labs and across campus.

The project, "A Bottom-Up Approach to Building a Culture of Responsible Research and Practice in STEM” focused on creating ethics codes-based guidelines for STEM researchers. Starting from discipline-specific codes of ethics, available through CSEP’s Ethics Codes Collection (graduate students in four different STEM departments at Illinois Tech developed guidelines on responsible conduct of research (RCR)-related issues they consider relevant to their laboratory practice. The process of developing these guiding principles cultivated a high level of ownership in participating students and help make the guidelines an integral part of the orientation of new lab members. A guide to leading this workshop is available here.

This is a highly collaborative project involved faculty and students from Armour College’s Departments of Biomedical Engineering (Eric Brey) and Chemical and Biological Engineering (Sohail Murad) and the College of Science’s Departments of Physics (Grant Bunker) and Biology (Andrew Howard).

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