After logging into Canvas, you can view your current courses on your Dashboard.

💡 TIP: As a student, if you don’t have access to your course, it may be that your instructor hasn’t published it yet. You can ask them if they intend to use the course and gently remind them to publish it.

You should see all your current courses on your Dashboard, but if you want to view past or future courses, follow these instructions.

  • Access Canvas
  • Click “Courses” on the Global Navigation bar
  • Click on “All Courses”
  • View all your courses

✏️ NOTE: Depending on your role and the settings of the instructor, you may or may not have access to past or future courses. Generally, after a course is complete, students will have “read only” access to a course. Students do not have access to unpublished courses.

Where’s my course

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