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The Center for Learning Innovation provides the expertise, resources, and instruction in innovative pedagogies and technologies to advance an inclusive culture of learning excellence, faculty development, and student success. Center staff have years of experience helping faculty with online and in-person course instruction. Instructors can look to the center for assistance in managing faculty development and outreach, and in providing faculty training for online education, instructional design and technology, and pedagogy for both online and classroom learning. The center will continue to refine and expand its service offerings in an effort to address the evolving needs and challenges of an online learning environment.

Student Learning Assessment

Student Learning Assessment

Student learning assessment provides feedback to faculty about how well the program curriculum is working to help students achieve the learning goals of the program.

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Blackboard is a learning management system that allows instructors to create a collaborative learning environment online. Every course at Illinois Tech has a corresponding course shell in Blackboard. Learn more about the capabilities of the system and how you can use it to aid in teaching and learning.  

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CLI Workshops


The Center for Learning Innovation offers a variety of workshops for instructors and teaching assistants to learn more about the pedagogy behind teaching and learning, as well as the technological tools available at Illinois Tech. In the ever-changing landscape of education, we'll keep you up to date on the latest practices.  

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Collaborate Ultra

Illinois Tech utilizes Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for its online courses. Learn how to navigate Collaborate Ultra, including best practices and tips. 

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Honoring Innovative Online Teaching

Industry Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Harry Smith received the inaugural Provost’s Award for Online Teaching for creating an exceptional online learning experience during the fall 2020 semester. 

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Illinois Tech Teaching Success Stories

Illinois Tech Teaching Success Stories
Sheldon Solow

Shel Solow, instructor of Ethics and Advocacy at the Chicago-Kent School of Law, overcame one of the harshest aspects of remote learning during the pandemic with a simple solution.

Virtual Physics Lab

Bill Luebke, lab manager for the Department of Physics, using 3D modeling, helped move physics labs online.

DIY Whiteboard

David Maslanka, senior lecturer of applied mathematics, created an at-home whiteboard.

“Kelly Roark and the Center for Learning Innovation were extremely helpful to our Exelon Summer Institute. She trained over 30 students to use Blackboard as the platform to deliver the Exelon Summer Institute. The students reported that the training was very clear, and Kelly was super helpful. We are thankful to have access to such professional support and resources.”

April Welch, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

April Welch

“I really enjoyed the course and opportunity to meet other staff and faculty. I found the aspects with technology the most helpful. I love your new department and what you’re doing! It’s quite timely! Thanks for all the support!” 


Judy Sloane, Adjunct Professor

“In one course, I had 12 students enrolled, but frequently those students would be put into ‘breakout groups,’ or teams of four students, to work on applied problem-solving exercises. As the instructor, I could rotate between the four breakout groups and also monitor a notification tool that tells me if a student has ‘virtually’ raised their hand to ask a question. Within those breakout groups, all the students seemed to feel more comfortable turning on their video feeds, and there was a lot of active participation.” 

Arlen Moller, Associate Professor of Psychology

Arlen C. Moller

“I’ve moved to discussion boards—which have been very popular with students—so much so, I’ll probably keep them when we move back to in-person [instruction]!” 

Carly Kocurek, Associate Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies


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