Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates, a partnership between faculty and the Center for Learning Innovation are instrumental advocates for teaching innovation and best practices to further Illinois Tech’s strategic planning initiatives.  

The Faculty Affiliates represent all academic units across the campus. The initial cohort of affiliates was recommended by their respective academic unit heads to the Center director. Faculty affiliation with the Center does not involve any compensation.  

There is a 2-year time commitment for membership. The list of faculty affiliates is reviewed annually. Each year, the CLI will collect faculty interested in becoming affiliates. Academic unit heads will be consulted regarding changes or additions and affiliates’ terms are staggered to ensure continuity. After their 2 year term, affiliates may become Senior Affiliates if they wish and may reapply with the consent of their academic unit head. There is no limit on the number of faculty who can be Affiliates or Senior Affiliates, as long as there is at least one representative from each academic unit.  

The Center for Learning Innovation is conducting its first update to the 2 year membership cycle by updating its Faculty Affiliates roster for the 2024-2026 period. Instructors interested in becoming CLI Faculty Affiliates are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed by the Center with confirmation of the academic unit head.  

Applications for the 2024-2026 cohort are closed.

Faculty Affiliate Responsibilities:

  • Attending the general meeting of the Faculty Affiliates approximately once a month during the fall and spring semesters. Additional time may be required for event planning.  
  • Presenting the views of their respective academic units to the Center for Learning Innovation, and advise in organizing the CLI-sponsored workshops and training sessions. 
  • Acting as champions in promoting the CLI initiatives in their respective academic unit.
  • Participating in reviewing research and development proposals received by the CLI.
  • Share their success stories of innovative teaching and their experience in delivering engaging education, with other faculty, staff, and/or students.