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Illinois Tech is excited to partner with Coursera to provide learners from throughout the world with future-focused, accredited, 100 percent online degree programs. Our industry-aligned programs taught by renowned Illinois Tech professors uniquely prepare students to be job-ready on day one. These are performance-based programs: begin your studies by completing three short courses with at least a B in each course, and you’ll be accepted to the program.

Illinois Tech offers the following degree programs through Coursera:

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Admission to the degree-seeking program is entirely performance-based. No application is required. Enroll a series of 3 one-credit PBA courses and achieve a 3.0 GPA to unlock program entry.

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If you are a new student, or if you need to complete the Performance Based Admissions (PBA) courses, enroll today at the Coursera Illinois Tech Portal.

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If you are a current student who has completed the Pathway courses, register at with your IIT login name and password.

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