Coursera Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can register for a course using the Coursera Course Registration Portal.

Yes. You can register for as many courses as you’d like.

Coursera tuition is set by program. Program tuition covers the required courses for the program, but it does not cover pathway courses repeated more than one time, failed attempts at credit by proficiency, additional courses needed to meet transfer credit requirements, or courses taken that are not required for the program. Full-program tuition is $18,000 for undergraduate-level programs and $15,000 for graduate programs. Costs will be divided by course and will be payable in the term the course is taken. Illinois Tech reserves the right to reevaluate program tuition on an annual basis.

All Bachelor of Information Technology students must submit official transcripts in order for the Office of Undergraduate Admission to evaluate your transfer course credits. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. Please have your previous institution send your transcripts to for review. Our office will evaluate your transfer credit within five business days after receiving your official transcripts.

If you have a transcript from an international institution, you must provide 1) course evaluations from a NACES- or AICE-accredited association, 2) course descriptions, and 3) certified English translations if your materials are in a language other than English. These documents must be submitted for all international transcripts before we can evaluate your transcript for course credit.

Transfer credit is not permitted for the three graduate-level programs.

What is the transfer policy?

The performance-based admissions process prepares capable learners to start their next educational journey. You don’t need transcripts, tests, application fees, or other hurdles to begin taking classes. If you pass the initial “Pathway courses” with a B or higher grade and fulfill program requirements, you will be automatically admitted to the program you have applied for.

Before the last day to add or drop, courses can be removed from a schedule. Please see the Coursera Course Drop/Withdraw Form. Any courses removed after the last day to add or drop are subject to forfeiture of tuition. Please review the Coursera Academic Calendar dates for more details.

Requests for refunds due to a dropped course(s) are processed upon submission of the Coursera Course Drop/Withdraw Form. The deadline to request a refund is the same as the add/drop date. Fees for courses started via MOOC and completed via a credit by proficiency exam will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Coursera programs are an exclusive arrangement and are not available to existing Illinois Tech students. Likewise, a student who wishes to transfer from a Coursera program to a non-Coursera program at Illinois Tech must reapply to the new program and meet all admission criteria. Transfer credit evaluation is done on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

Students who take Coursera Performance-Based Admission (PBA) pathway courses can retake any of these three PBA courses one additional time at cost to improve their grades. Students can go through an Academic appeal process for more than one retake from Academic Affairs.

Students taking Coursera pathway courses who wish to continue in the degree program must submit their undergraduate transcripts to Illinois Tech before the completion of the program.

Illinois Tech pathway courses are offered on the Coursera platform, both in a credit-bearing format and a non-credit Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) format. The MOOC format courses deliver the asynchronous course content only. However, a student who takes a MOOC course may, during the term of the course, decide to switch to the full-course/for-credit experience. A student who wishes to do so must register for the course via the coursera course registration portal before the registration deadline and pay for the course. All PBA Pathway courses will admit registration up to six weeks after the course starts. The student will then be eligible to take the final assessment to gain credit by proficiency.

Students who have been dismissed from Illinois Tech for academic, conduct, or other reasons will require approval from the Office of Academic Affairs and/or the Dean of Students Office, along with their intended program’s academic unit, before admission into a Coursera program.

No. As an online student and a student enrolled through Coursera, you are exempt from the university’s health insurance requirement and are not required to enroll in this health insurance plan. You will not be billed for this health insurance coverage.

If you are a master’s student and will be submitting your bachelor’s degree transcript, you may send it to, and by mail to:

Illinois Institute of Technology
Graduate College, Office of Academic Affairs
Attention: Final Documents
10 W. 35th Street, Suite 7D7-1
Chicago, Illinois 60616