Office of the Registrar

Registration Changes: Add/Drop, W Grades

Adding or dropping courses is done using the same procedure as initial registration. This is described on the How to Register page. Before the last day to add or drop, courses can be added or removed to a schedule.

The changes made at this point will not be displayed on an official transcript, but will affect the total number of credit hours enrolled. This could affect the full- or part-time status of a student, and should be duly noted. Please refer to the Full-Time Status page for more details.

Courses cannot be added after the last day to add or drop. Any courses that are removed from a schedule after this date are considered to be withdrawn. In such cases, the course will appear on official transcripts with a grade of 'W.' This grade indicates that a student withdrew from a course, but it does not affect the student's grade-point average.

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