What is a permit, and how do I get one?

A permit refers to an instructor or department electronic permit. E-permits are placed in the system by an instructor or department permit approver—the list of approvers can found on this website—in order to allow for registration into courses with restricted guidelines. A permit will override some registration add errors. Learn more on the Registration Errors and Descriptions page.

You can view your e-permits in the myIIT portal—detailed instructions can be found in the PDF below.

Note: Being provided a permit does not automatically register you for the course.

Who do I contact for issues with the myIIT portal?

If you are having issues with your myIIT portal account such as a disabled account or password problems, please contact the Office of Technology Services  Support Desk at 312.567.3375 or supportdesk@iit.edu.

How do I change the number of credit hours for my course?

If you are registered for a variable credit-hour course such as an independent study, you can change the number of credit hours for which you are registered via the myIIT portal. Under the “Welcome” tab in the portal, click on "Registration Dashboard" channel, then the “Register for Classes” link, and then the “Schedule and Options” tab.

Please adjust the credit hours by the last day to add/drop—see the  Academic Calendar.

How do I get my credit hours limit/study load increased?

If you wish to register for more than your allowed credit-hours load, you must receive the appropriate approval.

  • Undergraduate students must contact their academic adviser to initiate the approval process for an increase in hours
  • Graduate students (excluding Stuart School of Business and Law) must complete the Graduate Student Petition (Form G701) and submit it to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs for approval
  • Stuart School master graduate students must contact Stuart Academic Advising at advising@stuart.iit.edu for approval
  • Stuart Stuart Ph.D. students must contact the director of the Ph.D. program for approval
  • Law students must contact the Conviser Law Center Registrar's Office at regq@kentlaw.iit.edu for approval

Learn more on the Credit Hour Limits page. 

Why can't I register for an internet/online course?

Undergraduate students must obtain an electronic permit in order to take an online course. Department permit managers can be found on the approvers list.

International Students: Immigration regulations specify that no more than one course per term may be counted toward the full course of study requirement if the course is taken online. Additionally, your last and only course cannot be online. Students are allowed to take additional internet courses over and above their full-time enrollment, e.g. students on full-time co-op.