Office of the Registrar

Withdrawal from a Course

Non-attendance or expressing the intent to the instructor of a course does not constitute withdrawal from the course. Withdrawals are performed through the myIIT portal in the same way as adding or dropping a course. Students may withdraw from one or more courses by the published withdrawal deadline, which is approximately the 60 percent point of the term—see the Academic Calendar.

Students who do not attend or participate in a course and fail to withdraw officially are assigned a midterm grade of "NA," indicating an apparent withdrawal due to non-attendance. There is no credit or tuition refund associated with this grade.

Students who withdraw from all of their courses are seeking a leave of absence or withdrawal from the university. The procedure for requesting a leave of absence or withdrawal from the university (see the Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the University page) must be followed when a student attempts to drop or withdraw from their last—or only—registered course.

Late Withdrawal

Withdrawals from courses after the published deadline are only permitted in extraordinary circumstances beyond a student's control, such as medical or personal emergencies, and must be accompanied with documentation related to the appeal. Appeals must be submitted after the withdrawal deadline noted in the Academic Calendar and before the final exam for the current term. Students are required to continue attending the course while the appeal is being reviewed.

In the rare event that a student has experienced circumstances beyond their control that might permit an exception to the university policy on course withdrawals, the student may submit the Late Withdrawal Appeal Form to the Office of the Registrar. Any documentation supporting the appeal should be included. Please note that requests for an exception will not be accepted more than one semester after the course in question. If you have any questions, please feel free to email