You must contact the responsible office listed below for further information and to resolve your holds.

Hold Description Registration Prohibited Transcript Withheld Responsible Office/Originator Contact Information
Academic Affairs   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
OR Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Academic Dismissal   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Academic Hold   Stuart School of Business: 312.906.6500
Academic Probation   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
OR Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Academic Suspension   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
Admission Prerequisite Course   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
OR Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Bursar ECSI Active Loan   Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Bursar ECSI Inactive Loan Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Bursar Inactive Balance Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Bursar Outside Agency Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Dean of Students   Student Affairs: 312.567.3081
Disciplinary Expulsion   Student Affairs: 312.567.3081
Emergency Law Loan Hold   Kent Administration and Finance: 312.906.5100
ESL Assessment   Graduate Admission: 312.567.3020
Final Documents   Graduate Admission: 312.567.3020
Final Documents Hold   Graduate Admission: 312.567.3020
Grad Shared Courses   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Graduate Advising Required   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Graduate Other   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
GRE Score Required   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Immunization Hold   Student Health and Wellness Center: 312.567.7550
International Hold   International Center: 312.567.3680
International Return   International Center: 312.567.3680
International Partner Bachelor Required   Graduate Admission: 312.567.3020
Leave of Absence-Graduate   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Leave of Absence-Undergrad   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
Non-Degree Hours at 9   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Online Advising Orientation   Stuart School of Business: 312.906.6500
Payment Plan Default   Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Research Term Grade Missing   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
SEVIS Missing Address   International Center: 312.567.3680
Shared Masters Courses   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Student Accounting Balance Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Student Accounting Fee Hold   Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Student Accounting Hold Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Student Loan Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Thesis, Exam, Graduation Fee   Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024
Third Party Sponsor Hold Student Accounting: 312.567.3794
Undergraduate Admissions   Undergraduate Admission: 312.567.3025
Withdrawal   Undergraduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3300
OR Graduate Academic Affairs: 312.567.3024