Full-time status requires registration in at least:

  • Twelve (12) hours for undergraduate students or
  • At least 9 hours for graduate students

Graduate Students

Graduate students are eligible for federal aid and continued deferment of existing loans if they are registered for half-time (4.5 hours) or greater. Graduate students taking less than half-time hours can file for a forbearance to extend their deferment.

Special Full-Time Status

Continuing graduate students taking one or more hours of 591, 600, 691, or PSYC 599 are automatically forced to special full-time status due to thesis research or Ph.D. candidacy continuation.

International Students

International students taking less than full-time hours must apply for full-time equivalency with the Office of Global Services to remain in compliance with SEVIS requirements. For more information, visit the Office of Global Services’ Reduced Course Load page. International students who meet the Office of Global Services’ criteria for full-time equivalency are reported as such by the Office of Global Services and do not have their actual student time status adjusted on their academic record.

Note: For International students and student-athletes, withdrawn credit hours are not counted toward full-time registration status.