Office of the Registrar

Withdrawing from vs. Dropping a Course

The deadlines to add/drop and withdraw from courses are posted on the Academic Calendar. Please note that non-full term courses such as short courses have special deadlines (also noted on the Academic Calendar).

Withdrawing from a Course Dropping a Course
The action of withdrawing from a course is taken after the add/drop courses deadline. Dropping a course refers to having the course removed from the student's schedule before the add/drop deadline.
The student is responsible for any tuition and/or fees associated with the course. The student will not be charged any tuition and/or fees associated with the course.
Withdrawn credits count toward the student's total maximum credit hours. The removed credits do not count toward the student's maximum credit hours.
A letter grade of 'W' is assigned to the withdrawn course and is visible on the transcript. Since the course is entirely removed, the course will not show up on the student's transcript.
The student's GPA is not affected.