Office of the Registrar

Preferred First Name Policy

Illinois Institute of Technology provides students with the option to select a preferred first name that will be displayed in certain university systems as identified below.

Illinois Tech recognizes that students may use names other than their legal name to identify themselves. Except when an individual’s legal first name is required by law, policy, or business needs, individuals may choose to be identified in certain university systems by the preferred first name that they have designated in accordance with this policy.

Note: Students are not required to indicate a preferred name. If a student does not indicate a preferred name, the student's legal name will be displayed.

Student's preferred first name will be displayed in the following areas:

  • Class lists
  • Faculty grade entry
  • Student portal
  • Banner Self Service
  • Blackboard
  • Odyssey (housing system)
  • PNC (student health and wellness system)
  • ID cards


Preferred Name—The name by which a person wishes to be known and to have appear in selected university systems. The preferred name will consist of a preferred first name and legal last name.

Legal Name—The name that is recorded on legal identification (such as a passport, driver's license, or official government-issued identification card) and used on formal legal records, other documents, and systems at the university, such as in tax documents, contracts, academic transcripts, diplomas, health records, etc.

How to Set Your Preferred First Name

To set or change your preferred first name, complete the Preferred First Name Request form. The university does not require any information about the reason for the change. Submissions will require that a copy of the legal ID be included. The legal last name must match the current student record. The submission form is for system update purposes only.

Please note that the preferred first name should not be any of the following:

  • Profane or offensive language
  • Only symbols
  • A submission for another individual

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my preferred first name to show up in the Illinois Tech student portal?

The submission of a preferred first name change will take three to five business days to appear in university systems.

Can I get a new HawkCard for my preferred first name?

Students who are registered for the spring 2020 semester will be offered a replacement ID after a preferred first name change until the end of the calendar year. Once you receive confirmation that your preferred first name update is complete, please submit your request to Access, Card, and Parking Services. Please note that you must turn in your old card to ACAPS to receive a new card free of charge.

Where can I seek assistance regarding my preferred first name change request?

If you have any questions about preferred first name or legal name change, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 312.567.3100 or