Campus Identification

ACAPS Card Access

The HawkCard is issued to current students, faculty, staff, affiliates, visitors, and tenants of the university. Your HawkCard must be carried with you at all times and must be presented to campus authorities upon demand. The HawkCard is non-transferable and is the property of Illinois Institute of Technology. Fraudulent use will result in disciplinary action.

Obtaining Initial HawkCards

Upon arrival to the university, all new students, faculty and staff may obtain their official HawkCard ID. A HawkCard photo must be submitted online prior to HawkCard issuance. Visit the online photo submission page for further instructions.

Replacement HawkCards

Online photo submission is available for student, faculty, and staff replacement HawkCards. To ensure the issued HawkCard reflects your current appearance, a new photo is required. This requirement may be waived if your last HawkCard was issued within the last 6 months. The $20 replacement fee must be paid online first. Replacement photo submissions received without the paid fee on file will be canceled unless otherwise approved in advance.

Once your payment has been submitted, you will receive an email when your HawkCard is ready for pickup.

Standard HawkCard Information

Increasing the Lifetime of Your HawkCard

Your HawkCard is intended to last the duration of your association with the Illinois Institute of Technology. The following tips will help increase the lifetime of your HawkCard:

  • DO NOT punch a slot or hole in the card.
  • DO NOT expose to extreme heat, like dryers and sunlight.
  • DO NOT expose to organic solvents, thinners, mineral spirits, etc.
  • DO NOT machine wash or dry.
  • DO NOT use as an ice scrapper or scrapping tool.
  • DO NOT crimp, twist, or bend the card.
  • DO NOT attempt to re-laminate the card.
  • DO NOT immerse in alcohol, isopropyl, ethanol, etc.
  • DO NOT bite the card.
  • DO NOT pound with a pen or tool.