Online Photo Submission

The HawkCard Photo

Online photo submission is required for students, faculty, and staff of the university. Submit your photo online through MyHawkCard (via Access Illinois Tech) in order to obtain your official HawkCard ID. Before you submit your photo, please view the online photo submission requirements below. University affiliates and tenants may submit their photo by email to Please include the Illinois Tech ID Number (A Number) in the request.

Spring 2024: Online Photo Submission for New Students

Welcome to Illinois Tech! As an incoming Hawk, your ID photo submission will be used to issue your HawkCard ID and order your Ventra Card should you opt-In to participate in the UPass Program for Spring 2024. You must be officially registered and you must first submit your photo online through MyHawkCard (via Access Illinois Tech) in order to obtain your official HawkCard ID and Ventra UPass. Before submitting your photo, please view the online photo submission requirements.

Online Photo Submission Processing

The priority submission deadline to upload your HawkCard ID photo through MyHawkCard was December 15. Timely submission ensures your HawkCard and UPass (if you Opt-In), will be ready for pickup at Move-In/Check-In and before the start of Spring 2024 classes.

We will continue to accept ID photo submissions, however, the HawkCards may take up to (3) business days to process during peak student arrivals. We encourage you to submit ahead of time so it is ready upon your arrival to campus. Please also note that UPass processing for new students includes ordering your Ventra UPass card from CTA. Ventra cards are typically ready for pickup within 1-2 weeks after the university orders the cards. Returning UPass participant Ventra cards can be activated within (1) week. 

HawkCard Distribution/Pickup

HawkCards will be ready for pickup the next business day after your ID photo is approved. A HawkCard Pickup email notification will be sent to you. Pickup will take place at the Campus Business Services Center*.

Campus Business Services Center (CBSC)
3201 South State Street, MTCC 514
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: 312.567.8968

*New Resident Students that submit their ID photo online prior Move-In Day (January 2) will have their HawkCards ready at Residence Hall check-in. For ID Photos submitted on or after Move-In Day, HawkCard pickup will take place at the CBSC.

How to Submit Your Photo

  • Log into MyHawkCard (via MyIIT)
  • Select Upload ID Photo (under Quick Links)
  • Review the photo submission terms, agree and submit

Online Photo Submission Requirements

Online photo submissions will be reviewed for the following criteria prior to acceptance for your official HawkCard ID.

  • Clear, true-color photos only - no filters or black and white
  • Must be recent, reflecting your current appearance
  • Background must be plain AND white or off-white
  • Centered, facing the camera directly - no profiles
  • Smile or natural/neutral facial expression
  • Cropped slightly above the head with the top of shoulders in the frame
  • The photo must include only the person on the ID. No pets, friends, props, etc.
  • No hats, caps, sunglasses, headphones, scarves, etc. (Religious head coverings are permitted)
  • Photo file format must be JPG or PNG
  • Photo file size limit is 1 MB

Example ID Submission Photos

ACAPS Example ID Submission Photos

Review and Approval Process

Please allow (3) business days for processing of your "Pending ID Photo". You will receive an email notification indicating if your photo was accepted or if resubmission is required. If your photo requires resubmission, the reason will be included.

Common Reasons We Require Photo Resubmission

  • Background is not plain AND white or off-white
  • Lighting - Your face needs to be clearly visible without shadow
  • Headshot is not framed passport style

You can submit a new photo that meets the submission criteria. Please note that these emails will come from our online HawkCard system, GET.