Student Accounting

Sponsorship and Third-Party Billing

IIT welcomes your participation in our third-party billing process. Sponsors are outside parties, such as embassies, companies, and community agencies, who pay IIT directly for a student’s educational expenses with funds that did not originate with the student.

If your tuition and fees are paid by another source you must submit a Letter of Intent, Voucher, Proof of Sponsorship, Financial Guarantee Letter, etc. from your sponsoring agency by each semester's payment due date. Upon receipt of adequate billing documentation, the Student Accounting Office will directly bill your company/sponsoring agency for the tuition/fees/housing as directed. Adequate billing documentation must:

  • Be written in English on the sponsor's official stationery
  • Request IIT to bill the sponsor for your charges
  • Identify you by full name (given name first followed by family name) and CWID if available
  • Clearly state the type and percentage of charges the sponsor will pay
  • Include a billing address
  • Stipulate the exact beginning and end dates of the period during which the sponsor will pay your charges (if the sponsor wishes to continue payment after the end date it must submit a new authorization letter)
  • Contain no restrictions or contingencies (if, for example, the sponsor requires grades or transcripts prior to payment, you must pay the original bill then seek reimbursement from the sponsoring organization)
  • Be signed by an authorized official of the sponsoring organization

We will begin processing contracts after the add/drop date of each semester. Any late submissions will be processed within 48 hours of receipt.

Any changes in eligibility for a sponsored student should be communicated to the Student Accounting Office immediately. If you become ineligible or have a reduction in your sponsored amount you will owe this amount immediately and a hold will be placed on your account. A revised invoice will be sent to your company/sponsoring agency to reflect the adjustment in sponsoring eligibility.

Students who fail to submit required sponsorship documentation to the Student Accounting Office by the semester's payment due date will be held responsible for any penalty fees assessed to their accounts.

If you have any questions about whether or not we can directly bill your sponsor for your tuition and fees, please contact the Student Accounting Office at

All documents can be submitted by email to

*Last day for fall 2023 sponsorship letters to be submitted is September 8, 2023.