Student Accounting

College Illinois 529 Prepaid Tuition Program

College Illinois! is a 529 Prepaid Tuition Program that allows families to pay for tuition and mandatory fees at current rates in order to avoid future tuition inflation. Students are responsible for all other charges such as refundable fees, housing, meals, printing, etc.

Illinois Institute of Technology is required to bill College Illinois! for the number of credit hours students are enrolled in each semester as of the last date to drop classes with 100% tuition refund. If a student reduces enrollment after this date, College Illinois! will not reduce the number of credit hours deducted from the student’s College Illinois! account.  Note: It is your responsibility to inform the Student Accounting Office if you do NOT want to use these benefits for any reason (for example, if you are enrolled in a summer course and you do not want to use your benefits, or you wish to cover tuition only).

If you have any questions regarding your College Illinois! prepaid tuition benefits, please contact our office at and put "College Illinois" in the subject line. For more detailed information on how College Illinois! works you can go to

All documents and inquiries related to the College Illinois! program can be directed by email to