Student Learning Assessment

The purpose of a student learning assessment is to provide feedback to faculty about how well the program curriculum is working to help students achieve the learning goals of the program. In contrast, the purpose of grades is to provide feedback to the student about how well they are mastering the content of the course. The spirit of the assessment is continuous improvement.

Learn more about the resources available to faculty:

Faculty Resources for Student Learning Assessment

This section contains the Assessment Plan template and the Annual Assessment Report template. Whether or not you choose to use these templates, faculty are asked to include all relevant information in the plan or report document that they submit to the CLI.

Using Blackboard Outcomes streamlines assessment for faculty involved in student learning assessment, including the course instructor from whose course the student artifacts for assessment are collected, the faculty who evaluate the student artifacts, and the faculty program-level assessment coordinator.  

The videos below demonstrate how the faculty in each of these roles interact with Blackboard Outcomes to accomplish program-level student learning assessment.  


How to Get Started Using Blackboard for Student Learning Assessment (for faculty program-level student learning assessment coordinators)

How to Align an Assignment in Blackboard with Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (for course instructors)

How to Evaluate Student Artifacts in Blackboard Outcomes (for faculty who evaluate the student artifacts for assessment)


Blackboard Outcomes Configuration Workbook (for faculty program-level assessment coordinators)