Accreditation/State Authorization

Illinois Institute of Technology is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In addition to comprehensive, university-wide accreditation, many of Illinois Tech’s individual academic units and programs fall under the purview of specialized program accreditors.

State Authorization

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State and federal laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in states other than their own. The state of Illinois is a member of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA), and Illinois Tech is an approved SARA institution. Illinois Tech may offer online programs to students residing in other participating SARA states and the District of Columbia.

To offer programs to students located in non-SARA states—currently California—an institution must be either approved by that state's regulatory authority or be exempt from that state's regulations. Illinois Tech is currently exempt from regulation in California. Regulations do change, and it is the student’s responsibility to understand current circumstances or special requirements in their state of residence.

Note to Prospective Students: If the online program that you are considering requires a professional license in your home state, we urge you to contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state for guidance before embarking on an academic program located outside of your state.