Upload a Syllabus

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Syllabus link.
    Note: The syllabus includes the syllabus description, the Course Summary, and the sidebar. The syllabus description is where you can post your course description, a brief introduction, class guidelines, weekly reminders, and other important information. You can copy content from Word documents directly into the Rich Content Editor or create original content inside of the Rich Content Editor. You can also link to your Syllabus by uploading it into the Course Files as a PDF and embedding the document in the Rich Content Editor. Canvas will automatically create a preview of your document, so your students don't have to download it before reading it.
  2. To add/edit the Syllabus, click the Edit button.
    Note: The Course Summary is automatically generated for the course and contains a list of course assignments and course calendar events. Assignments are indicated by the Assignments icon, and events are indicated by the Calendar icon. Non-graded items with a to-do date show the to-do date. All assignments (unpublished and published) are listed in the syllabus for instructors, but students only see published assignments. Changes to dated items can be made in both the Assignments and Calendar features and will be automatically updated in the Syllabus.
  3. In the Content Panel, click the Files tab.
  4. Click Upload a new file, and then browse for your syllabus file on your computer.
  5. Click Upload. A link to the syllabus file will appear in the rich content editor.
  6. Below the rich content editor, click Update Syllabus.